3 Reasons Why Shopping Local is the Right Choice

When looking to buy a new piece of technology or when needing an old piece of technology repaired, consumers are faced with the choice of deciding between shopping at a large nation-wide chain-store or shopping at a local small business. Both options seem to get the job done, but only one choice is the correct one to do. The next time you need to make that decision, keep these three factors in mind: Quality of Service Customer service is the most important thing to any local business owner and their employees. Unlike larger corporations who tend not to care about [...]

How to Extend the Battery Life in Your Laptop

Most of us don’t have the money to buy a new laptop every year or so. But when the battery dies, many people run out and get new laptops anyway. It’s true that all laptop batteries must die someday. But there are things you can do to have a longer, lasting life with yours. This will also lead to a more lasting relationship with your money! Read on to find out more. . . Saving Battery Power in HP Laptops First, there are some really easy things you can do to make your battery last: Skip the screensaver. It’s a [...]

Happy Singles Awareness Month!

How to Prevent Computer Viruses Preventing Viruses, Malware and Spyware This February, love is in the air, and although you love your computer, you fear it may be infected. Does that mean it’s time to break up with your computer?  Of course not! Technology professionals can help you restore your computer’s health.  But before it gets to that point, remember, prevention is key to stopping new bugs from infiltrating your system.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to keep your relationship with your computer happy and healthy! Install Quality Antivirus Software Install pro-grade antivirus software. If [...]

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Is Your Motherboard Failing?

How to Diagnose Your Computer Problem Today we’re talking about your motherboard. No, this isn’t a Star Trek reference. A motherboard is the “nervous system” of your computer—a circuit board that contains all the necessary components of your computer with connections to other circuit boards. It enables communication between these essential components. If you’re not familiar with the motherboard of your computer, it is the largest pcb board in any modern computer. Much Ado about Motherboards Often when a computer starts to malfunction, people may think the motherboard needs to be replaced. This is usually not the case. In fact, [...]

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Choosing the right IT shop for your repair needs

Finding a professional and competent computer repair shop can be overwhelming but should not be rocket science. Knowing what to look for is key in ensuring that your IT needs will be met in a professional and timely manner. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask will ultimately save your time, money and a headache in the long run. We have put together the top 5 things to look for when choosing the right IT shop for your computer repair needs. Free Diagnostics Finding an IT shop that will offer free diagnostic services is important when you [...]

October 20th, 2017|Computer repair shop Worcester MA|

Setting Up Your Home Office Network

Know the Basics of Home Office Networks Congratulations! You’re starting a home-based business. Now you’ll want to set up your computer network. Your network will enable you to connect to the Internet, update your business’s website, check email, and possibly use multimedia, depending on your business. Before setting up a network, you’ll have to assess the unique needs of your business, so you can make the best choices. For instance, will you need to Skype often with others in your industry? Will you need to share files with mostly text documents or graphics or both? Remember, every business is different. [...]

Top 10 apps to keep your teen safe behind the wheel

It's no secret that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teen drivers. With today's technology teens are spending more time with their online friends than with actual humans. Peering down at their phones to check the latest texts or see a funny post; they are more likely to speed, to veer and to become dangerously distracted. Teens are also less likely to wear seat belts and take into consideration just how dangerous distracted driving can be. Like most parents we are always looking for the next best way to keep our kids safe, we have put together [...]

September 21st, 2017|Best apps|

A Quick Fix for Your Broken Laptop

A Surprising Way to Get Your Computer Up and Running Do you believe your laptop is broken, but you worry about having enough money to buy a new one? Sometimes a laptop that seems completely destroyed actually only requires the replacement of an individual component to get it up and running again. For example, if your computer seems to boot up with the fan running, but no graphic elements will display, it could be an issue with your CPU. Memory problems are less common, which is why memory components usually have warranties, sometimes lifetime warranties. Problems with RAM on Your [...]

September 14th, 2017|Broken Laptop Repair Cocmpany MA|

Should I Update From Vista to Windows 10?

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Vista on April 11th, so the short answer is, yes, you should upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 or to the latest Windows 10. The ultimate question is …is it worth it? When it was launched back in January of 2007, Vista was simply plagued with negative reviews. Used often complained about files transfers being slow, video games sluggish and screen prompts where more than just annoying.  There are still 25.5 million computers running Windows Vista today, a relatively small number in comparison to the estimated PC running however. So what does no support mean? It [...]

Why backups are so important

Your day starts out just like any other, you get into the office and start up that old trusty computer, when out of no where you see it; the famous blue screen of death! The computer wont restart, and you can't access any of your files. Weeks of work gone and in instant. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, and if you are prepared you can avoid disaster in the workplace! A computer hard drive can fail at any time, and if you are not performing regular backups of your data you are at [...]

August 18th, 2016|Computer Data Backups|
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