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A Quick Fix for Your Broken Laptop

A Surprising Way to Get Your Computer Up and Running Do you believe your laptop is broken, but you worry about having enough money to buy a new one? Sometimes a laptop that seems completely destroyed actually only requires the replacement of an individual component to get it up and running again. For example, if your computer seems to boot up with the fan running, but no graphic elements will display, it could be an issue with your CPU. Memory problems are less common, which is why memory components usually have warranties, sometimes lifetime warranties. Problems with RAM on Your [...]

Should I Update From Vista to Windows 10?

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Vista on April 11th, so the short answer is, yes, you should upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 or to the latest Windows 10. The ultimate question is …is it worth it? When it was launched back in January of 2007, Vista was simply plagued with negative reviews. Used often complained about files transfers being slow, video games sluggish and screen prompts where more than just annoying.  There are still 25.5 million computers running Windows Vista today, a relatively small number in comparison to the estimated PC running however. So what does no support mean? It [...]

Why backups are so important

Your day starts out just like any other, you get into the office and start up that old trusty computer, when out of no where you see it; the famous blue screen of death! The computer wont restart, and you can't access any of your files. Weeks of work gone and in instant. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, and if you are prepared you can avoid disaster in the workplace! A computer hard drive can fail at any time, and if you are not performing regular backups of your data you are at [...]

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Malware, Spyware, Virus …oh my!

The world wide web can be an amazing place to browse, shop and play but make no mistake there are hackers out there lurking in the dark, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike. One false move is all it takes to end up with an infected computer that can result in data loss! In May of 2017 the Cybersecurity firm called Avast identified more than 75,000 ransomware attacks that targeted 99 different countries! A countless number of large companies, hospitals and even government offices were struck by an unstoppable wave of cyber attacks all over the world.  [...]

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Top ten reasons your computer is running slow

Feeling frustrated with a slow running computer? Does it freeze up at the most inopportune times? A slow running computer is one of the most common complaints heard by computer repair technicians. We understand that nothing is worse than a computer that is running slow when you have deadlines to meet! We have all heard it before; "I need a new computer" or " this computer is so slow!" The truth is that your computer might be just fine, it just needs a little TLC to get back to running like a pro once again. Here are the top ten [...]

Ransomware Survival Guide for 2017

Ransomware, the newest trending headache Did you know that a staggering 47% of all businesses have been effected by some type of ransomware!? Ransomware isn't a new thing however, its actually an old trend that is coming back once again. In fact, just this past May of 2017 we became witness to the largest cyber attack in the history of the internet! It was a ransomware attack called WannaCry and took the world wide web like pirates taking over ships! The central focus of the attack was in Europe and while leveraging the vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system this [...]

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